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Fashion Fab Lab for
Design, Prototyping & Workshops

3D printed lace, textile, fabric, clothes, fashion, garment
3D printed lace, textile, fabric, clothes, fashion, garment
3D printed lace, textile, fabric, clothes, fashion, garment

Radikal Couture

Berlin Fashion Week
05. - 10.02.2024

"The New Glitch" Collection
3D Printed Fashion

Isabella Schuh, Fashion Designer at TextileLab.Berlin, Bella Radikal, Radikal Couture


The TextileLab.Berlin is an independent FabLab (Fabrication Laboratory), makerspace and research laboratory specializing in digital and sustainable textile design. Its goal is to provide designers, cultural creators, individuals, social institutions and companies with access to modern manufacturing processes, as well as enabling individual design of unique pieces and limited editions.

Since 2018, I have been building up the Textile Lab to realize my ideas as a fashion and costume designer and to be as self-sufficient from the market as possible. I would like to pass on this freedom, connect and collaborate with you, support you in your creative projects, experiment and create together in workshops, and implement custom-made special designs according to your wishes.

I look forward to getting to know you,



3D Druck für Textilien


Transform your ideas into tangible reality with 3D printing for individual textile designs and innovative accessories.

Wearables & E-Textiles

Wearables & E-Textiles

Are you looking for a stylish statement piece with special effects? In the exciting world of wearables and e-textiles, clothing and accessories are combined with electronic components like LEDs and sensors.

Lasercutting Service für Stoffe und Textilien


Create individual designs with high-precision lasercuts for perfect cuts, engravings, and structures in fabrics and many other materials.

Bio materials, Bioplastik, Bio Leather, Natural Dye, Färben mit Pflanzen & Naturfarben, Research Bio Textile, Nachhaltig

Bioplastic & Natural Dye

In the bio-kitchen, everything revolves around sustainable materials and creative experiments. Here, bioplastics are made from natural ingredients and fabrics are dyed naturally, for creating environmentally friendly products and small artworks.



Express your creativity on fabric with custom prints, logos, and lettering through vinylcutting.

Fashion & Textile Design Studio & Atelier Berlin

Fashion Design Studio

In the design studio, I can create and produce special custom-made creations for you. If you have a unique idea, I can also support your project with my expertise and digital tools.



January to March 2024


upcycling design



digital textile design



biomaterial design

Follow the Heart for more Details!

for kids and adults




Bio Plastic Kitchen

Make colorful and sustainable bioplastics from algae and more!


coming soon




Upcycling and Sewing Workshop

Create your own design or turn your old clothes into new favorites!

3.5 hr | € 89

max. 4 participants

14 to 99 years​



Coffee and

Coffee Leather

Want to know how to turn used coffee grounds into leather? Come by for a coffee and find out!

2 hr | € 69

max. 4 participants

12 to 99 years​

Workshop Bioleder, Kaffeeleder, nachhaltiges Textildesign, Bio material, Algen, Müll Upcycling
Bio material aus Algen, agar agar, Alginat, Bio foil, Bio folie




Digital T-Shirt Design

Design a shirt or textile of your choice with your hand-drawn motif and digitize it with colorful foils!

3 hr | € 99

max. 4 participants

8 to 99 years​




Painting with

Natural Colors

Discover the colors of nature and how you can magically transform them!


coming soon




Textiles with LEDs

Sew a gym bag with controllable LEDs or simple circuits on fabric with glowing LEDs!


coming soon


Textilien mit LED, E-Textiles, Wearables mit arduino

Workshop dates 2024 at TextileLab.Berlin

Dein Ding, Kaffee Klatsch & Fesche Fetzen

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All workshops are also available as mobile workshops

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Workshop Kalender


I create custom-tailored and aesthetically appealing fashion and costumes for you. From ideation to the final piece, I utilize both traditional craftsmanship as well as digital tools and innovative materials.

Lasercut Leather Modular Textiles

Fab Lab

The Fab Lab offers innovative tools, technologies, and digital manufacturing capabilities. Whether 3D printing, laser cutting, or electronics workshops, creative ideas are brought to life and special fashion, textiles, and accessories are produced, from prototype to final showpiece.

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